Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Wolfman (2010)

!!! I saw it in February 2010 !!!

Upon his return to his ancestral homeland, a man is bitten and subsequently cursed by a werewolf.

Nominated for 1 Oscar:

Best Makeup (WINNER)

I was quite anxious about seeing it and I didn't expect too much on a screenplay level. And of course it didn't deliver on the story part, but the mood of the film seemed quite right. It's silly writing, it has a silly ending and the direction is not as steady as it would've been required. But it was easy to watch and the cinematography, art direction and costume design would've deserved more recognition.
Benicio delivered a good, strong performance, way above what the material required. I remember Anthony Hopkins to be quite ok in the role, nothing special, but Emily Blunt is also much above the screenplay, doing her best with such a cliched role. I am actually a bit surprised by the makeup nomination (really!), not just because I thought they had completely forgot about the film, but also because I remember there were a lot of visual effects in the transformation scenes, and we know people from the Makeup branch don't like it when it's hard to separate the actual makeup from the fx.
My rating for the film: 5.5/10. It will probably win it, considering Alice was unexpectedly snubbed.


  1. I can't imagine why you didn't want to see this again!

  2. ha! :P

    and pls notice i didn't even mention in the short review the fact that Romanian viewers hated this because the stupid screenplay writer assumed that 100-200 years ago, gypsies (who actually represent just 10% of the romanian population) spoke Romanian! :D stupidity & prejudice.