Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pollock (2000) (2nd time)

A film about the life and career of the American painter, Jackson Pollock. [imdb]

Nominated for 2 Oscars:

Best Actor: Ed Harris
Best Supporting Actress: Marcia Gay Harden (WINNER)

My instinct was right. I’ve been wanting for a while now to see Pollock again. Not because I loved it a lot years ago, but because I couldn’t remember what I really felt about Ed Harris’s performance. And of course if Marcia’s acting is still as incredible as I thought it to be. The verdict: I was disappointed on all accounts.

The film is a clich├ęd biopic, nothing fresh or interesting. It got a bit better in the second half, but the beginning is boring, it didn’t keep my interest. Ed Harris is ok, but far from being his best performance… And Marcia… oh, I’m confused. This time, I saw her acting as being just ok, with 2 big screaming scenes and that’s about it. Best Supporting Actress 2000 confuses me so much, that I don’t even have a favorite. I will quickly watch Billy Elliot (shame on me for never seeing it) and see again Almost Famous (of which I’m not the biggest fan).

My rating for the film: 5.5/10. I just wish I would’ve loved Marcia… Maybe what they say is true: once is not enough, when it comes to seeing a movie.


  1. My entusiasm for Harden has dropped too.

    Hudson is my pick.

  2. The very sad thing about his film is that it really fails to understand Pollock's work. You watch it and think, oh right he's a tortured alcoholic artist.

    You see one of his pieces up close and it blows your mind.

    Why can biopics about art do that?

  3. Aaaaaaaaw. Shucks, really like this and LOVE Marcia in it.

  4. I thought this film was good, but depressing. I thought Harris was very good and Harden was fantastic!

  5. Runs..., I'll try to think of a biopic that does that. I can't seem to find one right now. :)

    other than that, I see love for Marcia. I had it too.