Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hereafter (2010)

A drama centered on three people - a blue-collar American, a French journalist and a London school boy - who are touched by death in different ways. [imdb]

Nominated for 1 Oscar:

Best Visual Effects

I know people have kicked this a lot, and I understand it: the film is wrong in so many ways. But the beginning of the film is so powerful, I still had it in my mind once the film was over. When it's good, Hereafter is pretty awesome: the one single most important visual effect is great, even if it doesn't justify a nomination; truth be told: those 5 minutes are very cool.
And also functioning quite ok is the Matt Damon storyline, especially in the beginning, when he's trying to build this character out of so little - and bringing some emotion and managing to create a believable person. But the other aspects of the film are quite messy: the screenplay, especially, becomes really stupid at one point, and I was so sick of hearing the word weightlessness every 5 minutes. Seriously: even in the lines of a 7 year old.
My rating for the film: 6/10. One of the year's best opening scenes, but clearly downhill from there. Bryce Dallas Howard is quite fabulous though, in a limited but perfect performance.


  1. What do you think of De France? Was she good? And is she leading or supporting?

    I haven't seen this, but I'm so crazy to. I'm waiting for it to be released in DVD. But actually, the biggest reason why is the tsunami scene.

  2. well, Cecile definitely has control over her 3rd of the film. I'd say she's leading, because she fully covers the screentime in her segment.

    I thought she looked pretty, created a believable character, but ultimately didn't get much to do.

  3. Should have ditched the London third. Really liked Damon's performance.

  4. yes, Damon was fine, his storyline should've really had the full focus of the film.