Monday, March 9, 2009

An Introduction

La di da...

Hello there!

I've decided to make this second blog to write a few words about the Oscar nominated films I get to see. Not much, just a couple of sentences to keep track. It's not just about the Best Picture category; and not just 1st viewings.

I'll probably start with the most recent 3, to put a brick on the foundation of the blog: In Bruges, Frozen River and Of Human Bondage.

What is my picture doing on the left of this post? I have no idea. just a slash of me & a piece of narcisism.


  1. Interesting your blog... I "arrive" here because I watched one of your clips in youtube, and although you're young, you know very well about movies, classic and news, bravo!!!

  2. it's a way of keeping track of the movies I've seen :) thanks