Friday, March 27, 2009

The Mating Season (1951)

Impossible to simply express the plot. It's a screwball comedy. There's a newly married couple with very different backgrounds. His mother is a simple woman, the bride hasn't met her yet, there's a mix-up and the wife thinks she's the maid and things just go crazy from there.

Nominated for 1 Oscar:

Best Supporting Actress: Thelma Ritter

This is a very rare film that's not available on vhs or dvd. I've looked for it for years and finally found it on... youtube. :D So I didn't care how it was going to be, I just wanted to see it. But it was FUN. Very relaxing, sweet, not very original (we've seen the story before) but the actresses made it worthy.
Oscar nominee Thelma Ritter (LOVE HER!) who's playing the mother is actually the leading actress of the film, but Gene Tierney - the bride - had the big name so she got the top billing. But as I was saying, Thelma gave a very good performance (as always). She didn't have a big Oscar moment, but she was constantly funny & witty (I know: as always) and perfectly cast as this very kind simple woman thinking only at what's best for her son.
A supporting performer that deserves credit is the queen bitch Mirian Hopkins who plays the wife's mother, a total opposite to Ritter's character. She deserved an Oscar nomination as well.
My rating for the film: 8/10. It was time well spent.
If you are a real fan of old movies, and want to give it a look, just click here and watch it on youtube. Enjoy!


  1. I believe this would be an ensemble cast, the women are the stand outs Tierney, Ritter and Hopkins are wonderful .