Saturday, November 9, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty (2012) (2nd time)

A chronicle of the decade-long hunt for al-Qaeda terroristleader Osama bin Laden after the September 2001 attacks, and his death at the hands of the Navy S.E.A.L. Team 6 in May 2011. [imdb]

Nominated for 5 Oscars:
Best Picture
Best Actress: Jessica Chastain
Best Original Screenplay
Best Editing

Best Sound Editing

Here is what you'd call a film for grown-ups. Some people over the Atlantic complained it's controversial - it's not, it's just a realistic portrayal of what torture is. It NEVER goes too far in what it shows. The whole negative campaign was pure bullshit. This is an amazing film, that was very captivating even the second time.
Those last 30 minutes are quite unmatchable and a perfect example of what amazing directing looks like. Kathryn Bigelow not getting nominated is beyond ridiculous: she did an incredible job in putting this together, I really believe there's no one who could've done it better. I love how it dares NOT to go into commercial mode. It's a great auteur piece.
My rating for the film: 9/10. The technical aspects are just what the film required. Zero Dark Thirty shares the top spot for 2012 with Amour, for me.

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