Thursday, February 20, 2014

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one-man weapon of mass destruction. [imdb]

Nominated for 1 Oscar:
Best Visual Effects

A sequel that gives me hope: this was (much) better than the original Star Trek from 4 years ago, that I mostly didn't like (wasn't it too cheesy?!). This one was more grounded, with a story that felt right, enough action to never be boring, a good performance from Chris Pine and a GREAT one from Benedict C. 

Had I seen this before the actual Oscar nominations were announced, I would've correctly predicted this nominations - the Visual Effects are quite amazing. A good effort.

My rating for the film: 7.5/10.

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