Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Book Thief (2013)

In World War II Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refugee is being sheltered by her adoptive parents. [imdb]

Nominated for 1 Oscar:
Best Original Score

Next to Fruitvale Station, this wins my prize for the not-so-obvious worst film of the year. And the screenplay is not even the worst element of it: the directing is a nightmare, from the strange pace, to the flat, almost chiched acting, to some ridiculous choices (did you see how those bodies looked after a bombing?!). 

It's a dull story that we've seen tens of times before. Even the costume design choices are weird: children during war-time living in poor conditions dressed like from a Burberry catalogue. And, ah yes, the original score is nothing interesting.

My rating for the film: 3/10.

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